It is my greatest honour as chairperson to be leading PVCC this year with a team rich in both talent and passion. PVCC is already established as the "Largest Student Run Venture Capital and Entrepreneurship Conference and Competition in North America", however I never see it as a reason to stop expanding our potential. 2017/2018 is a year of reviewing our core values, and delivering greater value to students, delegates and professionals. I am excited to connect aspiring entrepreneurs with industry leading venture capitalists, and the brightest young minds from top universities with the most accomplished organizations. 

By being part of PVCC, you are investing into the future of venture capitalists and entrepreneurship. You will be building the foundation to which current and aspiring professionals will build upon to lead the future of this profession. 

I invite you all to partake in the journey towards making a global impact to nurture talent that has yet to be realized, and to recognize ambitions that are left undiscovered.


Kerry Poon