It is with my greatest honour to be leading PVCC this year as our team continues to push boundaries and expand frontiers. I am extremely proud of what the team has accomplished thus far and can assure that 2016 - 2017 will continue to be a year of accelerated growth. With that in mind...

"Why PVCC?" - A question that I was asked prior to first joining the team. It is easy to say that we are the "Largest Student Run Venture Capital and Entrepreneurship Conference and Competition in North America." But throughout my time here, I have discovered that the idea of what PVCC symbolizes carries far more weight than what the numbers tell us.

By being a part of PVCC, you are an innovator and a risk-taker - an individual who wants to create and invest in social change. Here, we embody and welcome the brightest minds from all fields of study because we believe diverse skill sets are required to solve the problems of tomorrow. Venture Capital and Entrepreneurship carry a symbiotic relationship that encompasses the expertise of all disciplines in working together to create a better future.

Plant the seeds of your business ideas, build the foundation of your investing acumen, and gain unparalleled experience and advice from professionals in the industry. This is where your daydreamt visions become the realities in our society. In other words, I invite you to take the first steps towards making a global impact and take part in the opportunities that PVCC has to offer.


Ryan Ho