Organizing Committee



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Kerry Poon is a fourth year student at the Sauder School of Business specializing in Finance. With 3 years of experience in PVCC, and as Co-Chair for PVCC this year, Kerry aims to bring the event to new heights, and to continue inspiring and impacting students in the world of entrepreneurship and venture capital. This summer, Kerry was a work experience student in the litigation and regulatory team at DLA Piper Hong Kong. Outside of PVCC, Kerry is a big foodie, passionate adventurer, and history enthusiast.




Hannah Chung is a Finance and BTM student at the Sauder School of Business. For the past three summers, she has interned in venture capital companies. As the vice-chair of PVCC this year, Hannah hopes to help enhancing students’ understanding of venture capital industry and creating a better experience for all delegates and competitors. Outside of PVCC, Hannah’s interests include wall climbing and martial arts.




Corporate relations director

Vincent is a fourth year Finance student and is continuing his position at the M&A arm of a family office. He has also previously worked as an assurance intern at PricewaterhouseCoopers Hong Kong and at various small medium enterprises. His close proximity to businesses sparked a huge passion of entrepreneurship in Vincent. Currently, he aims to add value to incoming students and professionals, but with the end purpose of making dreams come true. He aims to do this by creating more successful testimonies within PVCC. He is focusing on developing leadership and mindset through personal development. Outside, Vincent enjoys making friends, travelling, and reading.


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Corporate Relations Director

Jia Wei is a fourth year Finance student at Sauder School of Business. He has experience in capital markets where he interned at an asset management firm and commodity trading. Jia Wei is currently an undergraduate teaching assistant for Corporate Finance (COMM370) and Introduction to Finance (COMM298). Aside from school, he also does financial consulting for Vancouver firms with the supervision of his professor. As director for corporate relations, he hopes that he can provide students with knowledge and an ability to apply their knowledge through the competition.


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Corporate Relations Director

Kim Nguyen is a fourth year student at the Sauder School of Business specializing in Finance. Through working at a bank in the last couple of years, she gained valuable financial advising experience and is looking to further expand her clientele through extensive networking. She is looking forward to meeting international students and industry professionals, and continue to explore new opportunities in entrepreneurship and venture capital. Outside of work, Kim enjoys playing sports and taking advantage of the beautiful outdoors in Vancouver


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Corporate Relations DIRECTOR

Alex is a first-year economics student from Calgary, Alberta. Throughout high school, he acquired strong financial analysis skills and developed a vast network of entrepreneurs, artists, and financial professionals. Alex has founded and participated in numerous financial education initiatives and loves to discuss financial analysis and philosophies of wealth. Currently, he trades equities for clients through his limited partnership and intends on expanding his business upon completion of his Canadian Securities Course.


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Conference Director

Candy is a fourth-year student at the Sauder School of Business, with specializations in Finance and Marketing. Having completed her exchange term at Copenhagen Business School, she hopes to bring her international perspective to this year’s organizing committee as a Conference Director. Aside from her growing interest in entrepreneurship and venture capital, she is most passionate about songwriting and travelling. She dedicates time each year to experience new adventures and visit new places –9 countries and 20 cities this summer.


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Conference Director

Yuuki is a fourth-year student specializing in Finance at the Sauder School of Business. He joined PVCC due to his interest within entrepreneurship.  As the conference director, he hopes to bring his past experiences to make this event a great success. In his spare time, Yuuki enjoys playing sports, billiards, and cooking new dishes. 


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Conference Associate

Dezheng Kong is a first-year student at the Sauder School of Business. His interest in entrepreneurship and investing is what drew him to be a part of PVCC. Dezheng has past experience being the president of Chess and Debate Club in highschool. Outside of PVCC Dezheng is a national master in chess, and a passionate debater. Dezheng is looking to combine his past experiences of leadership and strategy along with the knowledge from Sauder classes to help grow and organize the competition and conference.


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Competition Director

Jack is in his final year at UBC, currently pursuing a double major in Economics and Political Science. Originally from Vancouver, but having grown up in Uganda, Jack is passionate about social enterprise and financial inclusion in particular. Outside of school he has experience doing due diligence for non-profits and start-ups. After completing his degree, Jack intends to gain a few years of work experience and eventually pursue graduate studies. In his spare time, you can find him listening to jazz, drinking far too much coffee, cycling, or in the gym.



Competition Director

Keihan is an aspiring medical student finishing the last year of his undergraduate degree in Kinesiology. He has gained extensive experience in marketing and operations while working for a local start up. Keihan also has previous experience in coordinating and conducting clinical trials. He is currently working on publishing his undergraduate research project evaluating the beneficial influence of exercise on heart function for people with spinal cord injuries. He likes to stay active, outside of school you will find Keihan either at a yoga studio, rock climbing gym, or the weight room.



Competition Associate

Andrew Tan is a third year engineering student passionate in technology and business. With active involvement in startups and business events, he’s experienced the powerful positive impact on society created by entrepreneurs, which is why he encourages students to learn about entrepreneurship and venture capital. Andrew is also an avid reader of business and personal development books, and continually looks for improvement and challenges to solve. Feel free to contact him, as he likes to meet new people and learn about their experiences!




Marketing Director

Veronica is a second year business student, who is looking forward to exploring the world of finance and business technology management. During her short time in university, she has been involved in several student-led organizations like UBC BizzComm and Sauder Health and Wellness. She is excited to be working PVCC to implement comprehensive marketing strategies and design modern promotional materials. Veronica thrives off the energy and enthusiasm of those around her, fuelling her pursuit towards cultivating authentic relationships. During her spare time she can be found looking at graphic design elements, watching superhero cartoons or planning her next hike.



Creative Director

Casey Chun is a third year Bachelor of Arts student, majoring in Environment and Sustainability. Prior to joining the committee, she has been passionate in pursuing small enterprises and learning about environmental planning. Having had previous experience in the architecture and design industry, she is excited to utilize her graphic know-how to strengthen PVCC’s identity. Aside from her ventures, she enjoys playing lacrosse, travelling and stumbling upon hidden restaurants!



Creative Director

Tamara Osseiran is a third year Bachelor of Media Studies student; she is also pursuing a minor in Commerce. She holds experience working as a project and account manager in the fields of architecture, educational consultancy, and language/legal services. She is excited to join PVCC as a Creative Director, focusing on enhancing the visual and digital presence of the organization. She is an avid traveler, photographer, and a passionate producer of digital media. 


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Marketing Associate

Kevin Li is a fourth year marketing student at the Sauder School of business. After obtaining experience in the accounting industry, he developed a passion for marketing and currently works in social media. Equipped with a curious mindset, he joined PVCC to learn more about venture capitalists and work with a team that demonstrates such a strong passion for it. In the future he aspires to help build the bridges between investors and businesses, and help both parties achieve their full potential.  Aside from business, he also enjoys exercising and exploring other aspects of business including real estate and investing.


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Internal Associate

Jessie Leung is a first-year commerce student at the Sauder School of Business. Her previous experience as Student Council Executive has allowed her to gain valuable communication and leadership skills that will undoubtedly be an asset when assisting the competition and conference teams. Jessie is looking forward to working with the rest of the organizing committee in ensuring both events are enriching experiences for everybody involved. Outside of school, Jessie enjoys learning new languages, traveling, dancing and paddle boarding.